Securing Your Data

Security. Most dictionaries define it as freedom from danger, risk; freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt; something that secures or makes safe; and, not least, an assurance.

In a time when computer security breaches at large and small organizations have become increasingly common, we understand your deep concern about protecting your personal and financial information. That's why we've entrusted the safeguard of your data to Commonwealth Financial Network,® our broker/dealer. Recognized throughout the financial services industry as a technology leader, Commonwealth is a company with a deep commitment to providing security for online data in every sense of the word.

Commonwealth has software, network, personnel, and policies designed to help protect your financial and personal information—not only from the most skillful hackers, but also from the careless error that could lead to loss or release of information.

A multilayered solution that gives you layers of assurance
The Technology team at Commonwealth has crafted a multilayered solution, combining several technologies that work together in an effort to shield your sensitive information from unauthorized access and tampering.

  • Intrusion protection and detection systems monitor all access to the Commonwealth network and actively stop attacks.
    • Commonwealth has Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis and Response System (MARS), a proven security event correlation engine—essentially, a system that's smart enough to note patterns of intrusion and to generate alerts and eliminate access automatically.
  • A combination of firewalls and access controls work to limit network access to personnel who need it.
    • Moreover, firewalls are equipped with deep-packet inspection that searches automatically for viruses, spam, and other forms of intrusion.
  • All electronic transmissions of your account and personal data within the Commonwealth network are protected by secured socket layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption, using VeriSign® digital certificates. SSL represents the industry standard.
  • Secure servers can only be accessed by authorized personnel:
    • Commonwealth's Technology team grants access on a need-only basis and limits access to high-level networking personnel.
    • Servers are routinely updated to defend against vulnerabilities.
    • Servers are housed in a facility that requires a security card for access and that is protected by a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week alarm system.
    • Pages containing sensitive information are never stored in your browser history.
    • All backup tapes and replication transmissions are 100-percent encrypted.
  • Commonwealth strictly controls access to its network.
    • Commonwealth uses network access control so that computers and devices trying to access or connect to its network meet the firm's high standard of protection.
  • Commonwealth has partnered with SafeBoot,® a leader in the data and device security solutions field, to provide its computers with hard drive encryption.All Commonwealth advisors are required to install this protection on our laptops, and we have the option to install it on our desktops as well.
    • SafeBoot is pre-boot encryption—a password is required before Microsoft Windows can be launched. Would-be hackers cannot even run the software on our computers that would allow them to violate Commonwealth's network or systems!

Commonwealth thoroughly screens its personnel...and limits their access to your information

  • All Commonwealth employees are bonded and fingerprinted.
  • Commonwealth runs thorough background checks on potential employees before hiring them.
  • Commonwealth strictly limits access to personnel who require information access for business need.

And Commonwealth has policies and procedures that redouble its security

  • Commonwealth has a Privacy Policy in place, recognizing in writing its commitment to preventing unauthorized access to the information it collects, including information held in electronic format, by maintaining physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards.
  • Commonwealth has set up dedicated teams to oversee its privacy and security procedures, updating and adapting them proactively as new technologies and new regulations dictate.
  • Commonwealth conducts outside audits using thoroughly investigated third-party vendors to ensure state-of-the-art security.
  • Commonwealth doesn't display social security numbers in Investor360,°® its account access and information application developed especially for you.

Rest assured...because Commonwealth never does
And you can rest assured that Commonwealth does not stop here. The firm's Technology team continuously strives to enhance security measures, keeping abreast of new technologies and safeguards and incorporating them when appropriate to help protect your data.