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What We Do

As trusted partners, we help our clients plan well, retire well and live well℠.

Since 1957, Financial Council, Inc. has been guiding individuals confidently through retirement. Our team's desire isn’t simply to see our clients retire comfortably, but abundantly, and our common goal is to help ensure that all who entrust us with their financial future are able to live out every ambition, realize every dream, and get everything out of retirement that they deserve.

Located in Towson, Maryland, FCI is proud to support individuals in pursuit of a secure retirement here in our hometown, and throughout the country. Regardless of where you reside, our dedicated team is able to help you navigate the various stages of retirement.

Our highly qualified advisors assist in organizing your financial life in a way that is designed to facilitate the retirement you have always dreamed of. If you are approaching retirement age, our team will take into account your complete financial picture before presenting a solid plan that sets you on the proper path to the retirement you worked your entire life to enjoy.

Planning ahead for retirement is always a good idea, but if you are currently retired and find yourself in need of guidance, our firm offers the support you need. FCI will take care of every aspect of your financial life so that you can actually enjoy this well-deserved time in your life, rather than stressing over things like income streams, taxes, and estate planning. Whether you are days into retirement or years - FCI is uniquely qualified to guide you back to the path you began to follow, and keep you there.