Ideal Client Profile

We are fortunate to work closely with friendly, caring and intelligent clients whom we truly enjoy spending time with. Our clients are teachers, physicians, nurses, administrative professionals, scientists and generally people from all walks of life. Most have already entered the retirement phase of their life or they are nearing retirement, and they are in a variety of financial and life situations. We have a strong desire to work with people whose opinions about money are similar to ours. More specifically, our ideal clients are:

People who are looking for a long-lasting relationship with a trusted financial professional.

Our clients have sought out a professional whom they can trust to help them pursue their financial goals, not a salesperson who simply wants to sell them the next hot product.

People with investable assets of greater than $500,000*.

We are passionate about what we do, and we genuinely enjoy helping as many people as we can. However, our time is limited and our main focus lies in providing world class service to our existing clients while maintaining a business plan that includes bringing on a limited number of select clientele each year.

People who understand the seriousness of making smart decisions about their money and who trust us to create and implement a plan that will help them do so.

Our clients recognize that consolidating all of their investable assets with us makes our work together much more effective. This in turn allows them to spend more time living their lives to the fullest and less time worrying about money.

People who understand that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Our clients have a plan in which all of their investments work in harmony. Regardless of events in the market, the economy, or the world, our clients can feel confident that they are effectively pursuing their long-term financial goals.

People who are genuinely nice.

Our clients are some of the nicest people we know. Our Business Vision makes special mention of the fact that we enjoy spending time with our clients, and this is due to the truly great individuals and couples we have the pleasure of working with.

People who are eager to introduce our practice to others.

Our clients realize that their relationship with us gives them confidence about their current and future financial situation, so they are happy to refer our practice to others they care about. This is indeed the greatest compliment that can be given, and we are always appreciative of referrals to friends and family.